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Have you ever pondered the enigmatic figure who once captured the affection of Bond actress Olga Kurylenko? Join me as we uncover the obscured reality of her ex-husband, Damian Gabrielle. Let’s journey into his background, professional endeavors, romantic entanglements, and the intricacies of life away from the public gaze.

It’s a revelation that behind every remarkable woman, there exists a man cloaked in secrecy. Enter Damian Gabrielle, a figure whose life narrative has long eluded scrutiny. Now, let’s intimately acquaint ourselves with this mysterious persona.

Who is Damian Gabrielle?

Damian Gabrielle gained prominence through his romantic involvement with Ukrainian actress and former model Olga Kurylenko. Their union commenced in 2006, subsequent to Kurylenko’s divorce from her initial spouse. Intriguingly, Kurylenko encountered Gabrielle during her prior commitment to photographer Cedric Van Mol.

Rooted in a familial lineage of prosperity, Gabrielle’s upbringing, as the offspring of a prosperous entrepreneur, likely steered his vocational trajectory. Opting for a career in the corporate realm, he initiated his entrepreneurial journey in the United States, concentrating on the realm of mobile phone accessories. Despite the spotlight cast upon his personal life courtesy of his affiliation with Kurylenko, Gabrielle predominantly maintains a discreet presence, resulting in scant information regarding his current pursuits and personal affairs.


Damian Gabrielle entered the world in 1975, embraced by a family steeped in affection and guided by steadfast Christian principles. His upbringing unfolded within the embrace of a devoted father, dedicated to his profession, and a mother who cultivated a nurturing and inclusive household ambiance. From these familial foundations, Damian imbibed enduring values and wisdom, which left an indelible imprint on his character and worldview.

Though details regarding his formative years remain scant, Damian’s life burgeoned quietly yet meaningfully, revolving around the realms of work, home, and an intimate circle of confidants. A voracious appetite for knowledge marked his journey from early on, propelling him towards education at a local institution in the United States. This fervent pursuit of learning bore fruit in academic excellence, culminating in the attainment of a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the esteemed Stanford University. Damian’s educational odyssey stands as a testament to his unwavering resolve and dedication to personal and professional advancement.

Profile Summary

Full/Real nameDamian Gabrielle
Birth date1975
BirthplaceThe United States of America
Age (As of 2023)48 years old
Sexual OrientationStraight
ParentsUpdate soon
SiblingsUpdate soon
Marital statusDivorced
Ex-SpouseOlga Kurylenko (m. 2006–2007)
ChildrenKept Private
Famous ForBeing Olga Kurylenko’s ex-husband
SchoolLocal High School in USA
College/UniversityUniversity of USA
High QualificationMaster of Business Administration
ProfessionBusinessman, mobile phone entertainer

Educational Background

Damian Gabrielle set out on his instructive odyssey inside the clamoring passageways of a conspicuous ghetto secondary school in the US. He pursued higher education through community college before earning a bachelor’s degree from the prestigious University of California. In any case, the peak of his scholastic process looked for him at Stanford College, a guide among the world’s chief establishments, where he accomplished the zenith of scholarly differentiation with a Graduate degree in Business Organization.

Upon graduation, Damian seamlessly transitioned into the fold of his father’s enterprise. His induction into the family business heralded an era of immediate and substantive impact, underscoring his adeptness in translating academic acumen into tangible solutions for real-world business complexities.

Physical Attributes

Eye colorBlack
Hair colorBlack and White
Height5’10” (179cm)
Body typeNormal
Skin ToneFair
Dress SizeXXL (United States)
Shoe Size10 (US)

Damian Gabrielle possesses a distinctive physical profile characterized by dark eyes, contrasting black and white hair, standing at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (179 centimeters), and weighing approximately 80 kilograms. With a body type classified as normal, he boasts a fair complexion. In terms of attire, he fits into an XXL dress size according to the United States standard, complemented by a shoe size of 10 in the US sizing system.

Damian Gabrielle Career Beginnings 

After completing his Master of Business Administration at Stanford University, Damian Gabrielle began his journey into entrepreneurship. Directed by his dad, a carefully prepared illuminator in the business domain, Damian gathered important insight and mentorship, laying a strong basis for his enterprising goals.

Damian entered the field of mobile phone accessories after spotting a market void and starting his own successful business. His perseverance and keen business acumen contributed significantly to the success of his venture. Damian’s professional accomplishments demonstrate his tenacity and unwavering dedication, despite the fact that his union with actress Olga Kurylenko thrust him into the spotlight.

The progression of Damian Gabrielle’s career demonstrates the significance of perseverance and determination in achieving one’s goals. His story fills in as a guide of motivation for maturing business visionaries, highlighting the idea that with undaunted assurance and a consuming energy, the domains of accomplishment inside the business circle are vast.

Net Worth

Damian Gabrielle’s American business ventures account for the majority of his income, which is estimated to be between $3 and $5 million. Olga Kurylenko, on the other hand, is his ex-wife and has made a lot of money. As of 2023, she is expected to have a net worth of $18 million. Olga’s recognized vocation as a Ukrainian-French entertainer is the wellspring of her riches. She has received widespread international acclaim for her work and has appeared in numerous critically acclaimed films.

Both Damian and Olga have achieved success in their respective endeavors despite their breakup. Damian’s pioneering enthusiasm and keen business sharpness have cleared the way to an agreeable monetary remaining, while Olga’s ability and persistent endeavors inside the diversion circle have pushed her to monetary distinction. Their accomplishments demonstrate their unwavering dedication and unwavering determination in their respective fields.

Family Background

Damian Gabrielle’s family background adds an intriguing layer to his enigmatic persona. While we are acquainted with his mother’s role as a homemaker and his father’s occupation as a businessman, the specifics of their identities remain veiled from public scrutiny. Likewise, Gabrielle has opted to shield any siblings, if they exist, from the spotlight, leaving us with scant material to ponder over regarding his familial dynamics.

This shroud of privacy extends to other facets of Gabrielle’s life, as he consistently opts for a low-key existence despite his fleeting dalliance with notoriety through his union with Olga Kurylenko. His deliberate choice to withhold particulars about his family and personal affairs only deepens the mystique surrounding him, prompting speculation about the man beneath the headlines and the rationale behind his penchant for secrecy.

Married & Personal Life

Damian Gabrielle and Olga Kurylenko traded promises in a close function back in 2006 following a tornado sentiment. The couple made a conscious decision to keep their relationship private, despite the fans’ eager anticipation for a glimpse of her partner. They avoided public engagements and award ceremonies due to Damian’s lack of involvement in the entertainment industry. As a result, images of Damian remained out of the public domain throughout their marriage.

Their commitment to discretion extended to refraining from divulging any specifics or sharing photographs of their marital union. Nevertheless, some online platforms erroneously feature images of Olga’s previous partner, Danny Huston, purportedly as Damian Gabrielle, leading to widespread confusion among audiences. It’s imperative to clarify that Damian Gabrielle and Danny Huston are distinct individuals.

Damian Gabrielle Children

Despite his public visibility, Damian Gabrielle has adeptly shielded his personal life from the public eye, leaving details about any potential children undisclosed. Throughout his marriage to actress Olga Kurylenko, the couple did not welcome any children together.

Following their separation, Olga Kurylenko has since become a mother with her third husband, Max Benitz. However, specifics regarding Damian Gabrielle’s post-divorce life, including whether he has children, remain veiled from public knowledge.

Damian Gabrielle’s inclination towards privacy means that inquiries regarding his parental status remain unresolved. While the possibility exists that he may have children, definitive confirmation would necessitate disclosure from Damian himself or a reputable source.

Favourite Things

TechnologyParticularly interested in mobile phones and their accessories, which led to the creation of a successful business in the industry.
EducationShows a love for learning, with a specific interest in business studies.
EntertainmentEnjoys the film industry, particularly appreciating the work of his ex-wife, Olga Kurylenko.
LifestylePrefers a relatively modest lifestyle, suggesting a value for simplicity over extravagance.
PrivacyKeeps personal preferences private, adding to the intrigue surrounding him.


TechnologyKeen interest, particularly in mobile phones, which translates into his professional life. Enjoys keeping abreast of the latest technological advancements and trends.
Film IndustryAppreciation for the film industry, suggesting that movie-watching may be a favored pastime.
ReadingLikely enjoys reading books related to entrepreneurship and management, given his background in business studies.

Controversies & Public Scrutiny

Living a life away from the glare of the spotlight often equates to a reduction in controversies, a sentiment reflected in Damian Gabrielle’s existence. Yet, his deeply private demeanor dictated that when controversy did encroach upon his world, it did so with resounding clarity.

The most conspicuous instance of Damian being thrust into the public eye occurred during the tumult of his divorce from Olga Kurylenko. The couple’s highly publicized separation drew unwelcome scrutiny towards Damian – a reminder that not everyone relishes the glare of the limelight.

Social Media Presences

Damian Gabrielle maintains a conspicuously subdued presence despite his association with one of Hollywood’s prominent figures. In an era where many individuals devote hours to tracking their favorite celebrities on platforms like Instagram or Twitter, Damian remains notably absent from the digital landscape.

In today’s culture of oversharing, encountering someone as enigmatic as Damian is a rarity. This underscores his prioritization of personal privacy over public exposure. If anything, his level of anonymity only serves to heighten the intrigue surrounding him.


Early Life and Education: Damian Gabrielle was born in 1975 in the United States. He hails from a family with a background in business and was raised with Christian values. He pursued his education diligently, obtaining a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Stanford University after completing his bachelor’s degree at the University of California.

Career in Entrepreneurship: Following his education, Damian entered the world of entrepreneurship, initially guided by his father’s expertise in business. He identified a market opportunity in the mobile phone accessories sector and launched his own successful business, showcasing his perseverance and business acumen.

Personal Life and Marriage to Olga Kurylenko: Damian gained public attention through his marriage to Ukrainian actress and model Olga Kurylenko in 2006. Their relationship, which began after Olga’s divorce from her first husband, was characterized by privacy and discretion, with Damian preferring to stay out of the public eye despite Olga’s fame.

Divorce and Post-Marriage Life: Damian and Olga divorced in 2007, following which Damian has maintained a low-profile existence. Details about his personal life, including whether he has children, remain undisclosed.

Interests and Lifestyle: Damian Gabrielle is known for his interests in technology, particularly mobile phones and accessories, likely influenced by his entrepreneurial ventures. He also shows a love for learning and the film industry, particularly appreciating the work of his ex-wife, Olga Kurylenko. His lifestyle reflects a preference for simplicity and privacy.


Damian Gabrielle is an enigmatic figure known for his brief marriage to actress Olga Kurylenko. Born in the United States in 1975, Damian pursued a successful career in entrepreneurship, particularly in the mobile phone accessories industry. Despite his marriage to a prominent actress, Damian maintained a private life, preferring to stay out of the public eye. Following his divorce from Olga Kurylenko in 2007, Damian’s personal life remains largely undisclosed, contributing to the mystery surrounding him.


Does Damian Gabrielle have children? 

Details about Damian Gabrielle’s children, if any, have not been disclosed publicly. He did not have children with his ex-wife, Olga Kurylenko.

What is Damian Gabrielle’s net worth? 

Damian Gabrielle’s net worth is estimated to be between $3 and $5 million, primarily derived from his successful business ventures in the United States.

What is Damian Gabrielle’s profession? 

Damian Gabrielle is a businessman, with a focus on the mobile phone accessories industry. He demonstrated keen business acumen and perseverance in establishing his successful venture.

Is Damian Gabrielle active on social media? 

Damian Gabrielle maintains a low-profile presence and is not active on social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter. He prioritizes personal privacy over public exposure.

What are Damian Gabrielle’s interests and hobbies? 

Damian Gabrielle has interests in technology, particularly mobile phones, as well as a passion for learning and the film industry. He likely enjoys reading books related to entrepreneurship and management.

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