Who is Yael Stone?Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Education, Career, Net Worth, Family, Boyfriend And More

yael stone

Who is Yael Stone?Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Education, Career, Net Worth, Family, Boyfriend And More

Yael Stone’s Introduction:

Yael Stone, the capable Australian entertainer, has left her imprint prevalently in the domain of Australian theater, procuring honors with two Sydney Theater Grants. Notwithstanding, it’s her job as Lorna Morello in the hit Netflix series Orange The latest trend Dark that has gathered her boundless acknowledgment past the boundaries of Australia.

Who is Yael Stone?

Yael Stone’s excursion into acting started in the energetic universe of Australian theater, where she cleaned her abilities and procured approval, including two sought after Sydney Theater Grants. However, it was her charming depiction of Lorna Morello in the notable Netflix series “Orange A major trend Dark” that shot her to worldwide fame.

However, past her noteworthy ability on screen, Stone is likewise an intense supporter for purposes dear to her heart. Her firm help for ladies’ privileges and natural preservation says a lot about her well established obligation to affect positive change on the planet. Through her support endeavors, she enhances the voices of ladies and champions causes that reverberate with millions around the world.

Yael Stone’s Bio:

Yael Stone, brought into the world on Walk 6, 1985, sparkles as an Australian entertainer with a rich foundation in the country’s theater scene. Her ability has been praised with two esteemed Sydney Theater Grants. In any case, it’s her enthralling presentation as Lorna Morello in the Netflix hit series “Orange A major trend Dark” that has really collected her far reaching acknowledgment past Australia’s boundaries.

Yael Stone’s Childhood:

Yael Stone hails from Sydney, New South Ribs, where she was brought up to Judy, a medical caretaker, and Harry Stone, an engineer. Harry’s foundations follow back to Czechoslovakia, where his folks endure the Holocaust. He comes from a Jewish foundation, while Judy, of Romanian legacy, embraced Judaism through transformation.

Yael Stone’s Wiki:

Birth Date6 March 1985
PlaceSydney, Australia
Age35 years old (as of 2020)
EthnicityAshkenazi Jewish, English
EducationSchool: Newtown High School of the Performing Arts <br> College: NIDA – National Institute of Dramatic Art
Active Years2010-present
Relationship StatusMarried
PartnerJack Manning Bancroft

Yael Stone’s Education:

Yael Stone entered the world on Walk 6, 1985, in Sydney, Australia, to guardians Judy, a medical caretaker, and Harry, a draftsman whose own folks endure the Holocaust. She grew up close to her sibling, Jake, and sister, Elana, both gifted artists. During her adolescent years, Stone sought after her energy for artistic expressions at the Newtown Secondary School of the Performing Expressions. Proceeding with her excursion in the realm of execution, she later went to the Public Establishment of Emotional Craftsmanship for her advanced education.

Yael Stone’s Age:

Yael Stone, at 33 years of age, remains as a carefully prepared performer, carrying a gold mine of involvement to her art. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, she’s transformed both theater and film, enrapturing crowds with her unquestionable ability and appeal.

Yael Stone’s Height:

Yael Stone is unimposing, estimating at 1.52 meters in level. In any case, her effect in the amusement world far surpasses her height, because of her exceptional ability and adaptability as an entertainer.

Yael Stone’s Personal life:

In 2012, Yael Stone sealed the deal with individual Australian entertainer Dan Spielman. Unfortunately, their marriage reached a conclusion in 2016. A short time later, Stone found love again with Jack Monitoring Bancroft, the organizer behind the Australian Native Coaching Experience. Their association invited their most memorable youngster, a little girl named Pemau, in 2018, followed by one more kid in 2022. Furthermore, an actually important Stone is recognized as a skeptic.

Yael Stone’s Family:

Harry and Judy Stone are radiating proudly as they look after their appreciated family. Among their youngsters are Jake Stone and Elana Stone, whose bond is extended by areas of strength for the family relationship. Together, they make a closely knit family, consistently there for each other through the exciting bends in the road of life. And afterward there’s Peman Stone Bancroft, another expansion who gives considerably more pleasure and profundity to their family circle. With adoration and regard as their directing lights, the Stones face life’s highs and lows together, tracking down strength in their solidarity.

Yael Stone’s Career:

  • Television Career,Film Career,Stage Career

Stone’s TV career took off around 2010 when she handled her most memorable striking job as Linda in the Australian powerful dramedy series “Lively.” Notwithstanding, it was her advanced exhibition in the Netflix hit “Orange A major trend Dark,” beginning in 2013, that genuinely placed her on the guide. Playing the extraordinary person Lorna Morello, an Italian-American prisoner with an unmistakable Brooklyn-Boston accent, Stone dazzled crowds across seven holding seasons. Her personality’s heartfelt traps with Nicky Nichols and Vince Muccio added layers to the series’ dynamic storyline.

In the midst of her prosperity on “Orange The latest trend Dark,” Stone additionally shown up in different series. Prominently, she featured in the miniseries “Youth’s End” in 2015, in view of Arthur C. Clarke’s novel, and highlighted in the compilation series “High Upkeep” from 2015 to 2018. Furthermore, she took on a main job in the wrongdoing show miniseries “Profound Water” in 2016.

While Stone’s TV profession thrived, she took an essential jump toward the cinema with the Australian romcom “Me Myself I” in 2000. Despite the fact that film potential open doors were less, she showed up, remembering for the romcom “The Wilde Wedding” in 2017 and two movies in 2022: the activity pressed “Blacklight” close by Liam Neeson and the Australian show “Burst,” which procured her an AACTA Grant designation.

Preceding her screen tries, Stone sharpened her specialty in Sydney’s theater scene. Her ability was recognized with Sydney Theater Grants, winning Best Supporting Entertainer and Best Newbie for her presentation in “The Youngster” in 2008. She kept on dazzling with a selection for Best Supporting Entertainer in “The Journal of a Crazy person.” Strikingly, she displayed her abilities in New York City with a development of a similar play in mid 2011. Getting back to Sydney, Stone took on driving jobs in creations like “A Golem Story,” “Summer of the Seventeenth Doll,” and “As You Like It.” In the long run, she took a super durable action to New York, where she helped to establish a trial theater organization.

Yael Stone’s Net Worth:

Yael Stone is a capable entertainer, gracing both the screen and the stage with her presence. With a total assets of $2 million, she has truly established herself, fundamentally known for her enrapturing depiction of Lorna Morello in the Netflix hit series “Orange The latest trend Dark.” Past her famous job, she has displayed her acting chops in different TV series like “High Upkeep,” “Profound Water,” and the 2018 transformation of “Excursion at Hanging Rock.” Not restricting herself to TV, she has likewise transformed the big screen with appearances in movies, for example, “Me Myself I” and “Burst.”

Yael Stone’s Relationship:

Yael Stone was once hitched to Dan Spielman, an association that endured from 2012 to 2016. Aside from her marriage, she has likewise been sincerely connected with Eamon. All through her own excursion, Stone has moved toward her associations with a mix of balance and security, focusing on her profession and self-improvement in the midst of the intricacies of adoration and friendship.


  • Accomplished Actress: Yael Stone is a highly skilled Australian actress who has made significant contributions to both theater and television.
  • Sydney Theater Awards: Stone’s talent has been recognized with two prestigious Sydney Theater Awards, showcasing her excellence on stage.
  • Breakout Role: While Stone had success in Australian theater, it was her portrayal of Lorna Morello in the Netflix series “Orange is the New Black” that catapulted her to international fame.
  • Advocacy Work: Beyond acting, Stone is a vocal advocate for women’s rights and environmental conservation, using her platform to promote causes close to her heart.


Yael Stone, born on March 6, 1985, in Sydney, Australia, has established herself as a versatile and talented actress. Raised in a family with a background rich in cultural heritage, she honed her craft at the Newtown High School of the Performing Arts and later pursued further training at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA). Stone’s breakthrough came with her role as Lorna Morello in “Orange is the New Black,” where she captivated audiences with her compelling performance. Her advocacy work outside of acting underscores her commitment to making a positive impact on society.


  •  What is Yael Stone’s net worth?

 Yael Stone’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million, reflecting her successful career in both theater and television.

  •  Who was Yael Stone married to?

 Yael Stone was previously married to fellow Australian actor Dan Spielman from 2012 to 2016.

  •  What are some of Yael Stone’s notable roles?

 Yael Stone is best known for her role as Lorna Morello in the Netflix series “Orange is the New Black.” She has also appeared in television series such as “High Maintenance,” “Deep Water,” and the 2018 adaptation of “Picnic at Hanging Rock,” as well as films like “Me Myself I” and “Blaze.”

  •  What causes does Yael Stone support?

 Yael Stone is a passionate advocate for women’s rights and environmental conservation, using her platform to raise awareness and promote positive change.

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